Flowcode for Restaurants

Join the top restaurants who are using Flowcode to keep customers safe with contactless dining 

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Engage with Your Customers

Flowcode provides an instant connection point from menus, posters, or table tents to your menu and much more! Put your Flowcode on table tents, flyers, your window, any promotional materials, to-go menus, business cards for starters to share wifi, increase your social media followers, collect customer information, and share business hours for starters 

Use your Flowcode to directly connect customers to:

  • Menu
  • Review sites
  • Wifi access
  • Social media pages
  • Polls
  • Fun content (playlist anyone?)
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Contactless menus

Now more than ever, restaurant professionals need to provide a contactless solution for customers to stay open and keep the public safe

Say goodbye to wasteful paper menus, and print a Flowcode for guests to scan before ordering their food or drink. The code can scan to a website url, pdf, or an image so you can directly connect customers to your menu.

Share your wifi

The first thing people ask when they enter a restaurant is "What's the wifi?" Now with Flowcode, you dont need to read out any long passwords. Customers can simply scan the Flowcode and automatically connect to your wifi. It's quick, easy and a great experience for your customers


Share more info, without a website

Websites can be hard to maintain. By using our free link aggregator site Flowpage, you can easily organize your links, social media profiles, any video content, and collect customer information all in one seamless mobile-first landing page

Click here to create a custom Flowpage. It takes just 60 seconds. Seriously

Is your marketing working?

Flowcode’s advanced analytics dashboard allows restaurant professionals to understand which marketing tactic worked best, drive online ordering and collect contact info from interested customers

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