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More ways to use Flowcode QR Codes


01 Save Money on Takeout 

We all know adding a menu to your takeout bag increases repeat orders, but printing them is expensive. Now, you can save the printing costs by adding a menu QR Code to your boxes and packaging. 


02 Get More Tips

"Sorry I don't have any cash" isn't an excuse anymore! Create a Flowcode that connects to your Venmo account and watch the tips roll in. 

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03 Contactless Menus

Say goodbye to paper menus that always need to be updated and replaced, and print add your Flowcode QR Code to tables, booths, and your bar. 


04 Share Your Wifi

Make it easy for guests to connect to your wifi. Simply add your network information and password to your Flowcode and your customers will be automatically connected when they scan.


05 Share All Your Links

Websites can be hard to maintain. With Flowpage, our mobile-friendly link sharing page, you can send customers to all your content with just one scan. 

Got 60 seconds? Make your Flowpage now! 

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How to make a QR Code menu


01 Go to Flowcode.com and sign up for your free trial. 

02 Enter your digital menu URL.  

03 Add your colors and logo to your code design.

04 Download your code or print it in our menu template. 


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